Stage 3 is the Most Commonly Diagnosed Mesothelioma, What Should We Do?

Stage 3 Mesothelioma
Most people are diagnosed with cancer at stage 3 because they just felt tremendous pain at this stage. The average life ecpectancy from the victim is about 16 months. At this stage, the cancer has spread to the tissue, the organs even spread to other places through lymps nodes.

Define Stage 3 Mesothelioma
In the four-level staging system used to classify the development and severity of cancer, Stage 3 mesothelioma is considered an advanced stage of the disease, although not the most advanced.

Stage 3 Mesothelioma
The main characteristic that distinguishes Stage 3 mesothelioma from other stages is that, in Stage 3, the cancer has spread to the nearest area. This may have spread to neighboring organs, tissues, and possibly nearby lymph nodes. However, in Stage 3, mesothelioma has not spread to further areas of the body.

Stage 3 Definition of Mesothelioma
Various staging systems offer a somewhat different picture of Stage 3 mesothelioma:

1. Butchart system
The disease has spread from the initial location in the pleural layer of the lungs, stomach, and other areas. Lymph nodes may be involved too.

2. TNM system
Cancer has spread to other locations in the thoracic cavity, such as the diaphragm, esophagus, and possibly the heart. Lymph nodes are also involved at this stage.

3. Brigham system
Surgical resection is no longer possible, because the disease now affects other organs in the chest cavity, as well as one or more groups of lymph nodes.

Stage 3 Sign and Symptoms of Mesothelioma
The symptoms of stage 3 mesothelioma are usually quite intense, due to the spread of the disease outside the area of ​​origin. When metastasis continues, symptoms can increase significantly.

Typical symptoms of Stage 3 mesothelioma include:

Shortness or pain in the chest
General fatigue or tiredness
Breathing or shortness of breath (dyspnea)
Weight loss

Prognosis of Stage 3 Mesothelioma
By the time mesothelioma has reached Stage 3, the prognosis is bleak. Even if the primary tumor can be removed, cancer cells are likely to spread to other areas, and remission is not possible.

The average life expectancy of mesothelioma patients diagnosed in Stage 3 is around 16 months. However, the life expectancy of certain patients depends on the individual diagnosis, including the type and location of tumor cells, as well as the patient's gender, age, overall health, and other risk factors.

Stage 3 Mesothelioma Treatment Options
Because mesothelioma has begun to spread in Stage 3, the chances of successful curative treatment are very low. In many cases, treatment is limited to palliative care, which is used to relieve discomfort and pain from symptoms of the disease.

A conventional multimodal treatment plan that combines surgery, radiation and chemotherapy is not usually used for Stage 3 mesothelioma patients. However, individual therapy is sometimes used to manage pain and discomfort.

Surgery can be used to remove the main tumor; However, it is impossible that it will eliminate cancer that has spread to the lymphatic system and other organs.

Chemotherapy can be used after a palliative operation to try to kill cancer cells remaining in the lymph nodes, blood, or other body areas outside the initial location.

Radiation can prevent further metastases, as well as target mesothelioma tumors. In Stage 3, radiation only provides a palliative option to reduce pain.

Experimental Care and Clinical Test
Immunotherapy, gene therapy, and other forms of experimental mesothelioma treatment can offer therapies that may be effective through clinical trials. If you or your loved ones have been diagnosed with stage 3 mesothelioma, connecting with a cancer center can give you the opportunity to find available clinical trials.

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